Reset Bios Password on Dell Laptop

The article is to provide a way to remove or reset the BIOS password on Dell Laptop in case forget the password.

Bios or Basic Input/Output System is a firmware entrenched on a small memory chip on every laptop or desktop motherboard. BIOS password is set to prevent the BIOS settings changed by an unauthorized person.

If you remember BIOS password then you can reset the password normally. These article for those who forget password accidentally and could not reset the BIOS password.

Reset BIOS password on Dell Laptop with Windows Debugging

>First start and login Dell Laptop and run command prompt as Administrator. Type

> debug

-o 70 10 
-o 71 ff 

Close Command Prompt and restart laptop; the password will be cleared.

Reset BIOS password by changing system date —

>Start the Dell laptop and log into Windows.

>Change System Date to 2002/1/2

>Restart Laptop

>When Dell Logo appears, press f2 key to enter the BIOS

>When it prompt for password, Press “ALT+R”

>Type “ALLAA4ABA” as password when the “Enter Rescue password” windows pop up appears.

Now you will get into BIOS, again login windows and set the system date again.

Remove CMOS Battery to get clear BIOS password—

>Disconnect all power sources with Dell laptop and remove the main battery

>Open the back panel to find the CMOS battery on a laptop motherboard.

>Remove CMOS Battery and wait at least for 10 seconds to drain all residual power from the system.

>Reconnect the CMOS battery on the motherboard.

>Reconnect the main battery with the laptop.

>Power on the laptop, check that the date and time are not set, it means the BIOS is reset successfully, including the BIOS password is cleared.

CMOS Battery

You can reset BIOS password on Dell Inspiron/Latitude/ Precision/Vostro laptops with this method. Most of the Dell laptop has a default master password that can clear the BIOS password.

If the above-mentioned method couldn’t remove BIOS password, please call on 07595883889 at the Dell Service Center in Kolkata for assistance.

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